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Maple, the loner

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Maple, the loner

Post by RosePuppy on 12/08/14, 04:53 pm

Character name: Maple (now Hazelpaw)

Nickname: None

Character age: 7 moons

Gender: Female

Clan/Tribe: Loner (eventually going to join clan)

Rank: If she was in a clan/Tribe she would be an apprentice.

Personality: Maple is slow trusting, but sweet if you get to know her. She doesn't usually talk much, and often goes off into thought. She loves hunting, and is very swift and agile. A natural born hunter. She is also very loyal, with a clan or another cat. She can get nervous easily, and can't swim.

Appearance: She is  a strange colored cat, she has brown swirls over her white and grayish fur with her tail being a darker color. Her eyes are a grayish blue with a greenish tint around her pupils.

Mental Disabilities: None

being alone

rouge groups
being a bit too alone

Current mate: None, too young.

Current crush: None yet.

Offspring: None, too young.

Family: Jay ( alive, may  ask for someone to RP ) Monarch (same as Jay) Summer (dead, ex- kittypet) and Pine (dead also)

History: She was born in a small den inside a dead tree. She grew up there with her mother, Summer, her father, Pine, her sister, Monarch, and her brother, Jay. One day Summer was teaching Maple how to hunt outside the den. They heard a loud growling, and a badger came out of the woods. Summer and Pine had tried to fight the badger, but knew they couldn't win. They got their kits and hurried away. They were injured and couldn't go far, so they hid their kits. Maple was hidden up in a tree, with her siblings. They sat and watched, terrified, as their parents got torn apart. They managed to get away,  but got separated when a fox attacked. She wandered for a bit as a kit, and luckily a clan found her. It was called Rockclan, and it had many rude cats there. They chased her off since she was so small and nervous. Eventually a rouge group found her, and decided to toughen her up. She never really got any tougher or liked the group. One day when she was apprentice age, they found a tired kit in the woods. Maple suggested they take the kit in, but the other two rouges she was with told her to kill the kit since it was too weak. She simply shook her head, and firmly said "No.". They decided to kill the kit instead, and also kill her. Once the kit was dead they turned to kill her. She ran away quickly, getting out of that place. She wandered for a while, then found Thunderclan and was re-named Hazelpaw.

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Re: Maple, the loner

Post by *Smoke* on 12/08/14, 10:17 pm

This is a wonderful bio Rose! I have inkling that she won't be joining RiverClan or ShadowClan ;D
If her siblings are up for adoption, you can make a thread for them in the Adoption Board, so people can apply to see if they can RP them :)


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Re: Maple, the loner

Post by Feralclaw on 23/08/14, 03:18 pm

AGHH i cant tell if this is leafeh or raveh! PM ME DANG IT XD

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Re: Maple, the loner

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